Section Three: Issues in TMS Delivery


Questions you should be able to answer before progressing on from this section

What are the methods most commonly used for targeting the DLPFC in TMS treatment of depression ?

What is an evidence-based treatment schedule: how would you structure providing a course of treatment?

What is a standard an appropriate dose of TMS treatment?

Is TMS effective in bipolar depression?

Is TMS effective in adolescents and aged patients?


Video 6 – Targeting, Dosing and Scheduling

Video 7 – Patient Selection




Section Three Resources

Fitzgerald 2020 Update on the clinical use of rTMS

Fitzgerald et al 2020 Dose and rTMS response in MDD

Fitzgerald et al 2019 Targeted rTMS depression study

Galletly et al 2011 3 vs 5 days a week of TMS


Section Four: Other Issues in TMS for Depression