Our various online and in-person training programs have been developed to cater for both researchers and clinicians.

The Brain Stimulation Online Courses  are designed for clinicians and researchers who are new to brain stimulation techniques such as TMS, as well those with more experience who wish to learn about advanced brain stimulation methodologies.

The Clinical TMS Certification Courses provide training in the provision of TMS for the treatment of Major Depression.  These courses have been designed for medical and nursing graduates, with options for those new to TMS as wells as those with TMS experience.



Brain Stimulation Online Courses

Online Courses with up to date information on Brain Stimulation in Treatment and Research.

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Clinical TMS Certification Courses

In-person training for Clinical TMS Certification, Nurse Refreshers and Psychiatrist Masterclasses.

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TMS Clinic Establishment Packages

Packages providing specialised and tailored assistance for the setup of TMS Clinics.


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