Understanding TMS

This comprehensive online course is essential for anyone interested in learning the most up-to-date information on TMS and its use in the treatment of depression.

The course consists of a series of didactic lectures and presentations from leading experts in the use of TMS, as well as guided readings. The course can be accessed at any time, and completed at your own pace within 6 months of purchase.

A certificate of completion will be provided upon successful completion of a multiple choice exam which can be accessed upon completion of the course videos.

Note: The TMS for Depression Online Course: Theory is for individuals not seeking practical skill certification. In order to obtain the practical certification you must purchase the combined TMS for Depression Online Course: Theory and Practical Skills.

Understanding TMS

Topics that are covered in the TMS for Depression Online Course: Theory include,

  • Introduction to TMS
  • Treatment of Major Depression Disorder: Evidence base for what works
  • Patient Selection
  • Maintenance and Repeat Treatment
  • Treatment of Other Disorders
  • Practical Issues in TMS Use/TMS Equipment and Regulation
  • Management of Side Effects/TMS Safety Considerations